Terms & Conditions
19 Aug 2022

Terms & Conditions


“Agreement” means the Terms and Conditions on this page and the provisions found on the Face Page, and the General Rental Terms that you agree to on our website. “Renter” means the person identified as the Renter in this Agreement, “Company” means “Imperial Premium Rent a Car LLC”. “Authorized Driver,” means the Renter and any Additional Driver we list on the Face Page. Each Authorized Driver must be at least age 20 and have a valid driving license. Authorized Drivers are the only persons permitted to drive the rented Vehicle. “Additional Driver” means a person the Company list on the Face Page of this Agreement. “Vehicle” means the motor vehicle identified in this Agreement and any vehicle the Company substitute for it, and all its tires, tools, accessories, equipment, keys and Vehicle documents, but “Vehicle” does not include portable navigation devices or child safety seats that the Renter rent from the Company. The Vehicle may be equipped with an electronic locator device that allows the Company to find the Vehicle and to disable it if the Company deem necessary. The electronic locator device may use cellular telephone or radio signals to transmit data, and therefore Renter’s privacy cannot be guaranteed.


This is the Agreement for rental of the Vehicle. The Renter agrees to indemnify the Company, defend and hold the Company harmless from all claims, liability, costs and attorney fees we incur resulting from or arising out of this rental and Renter’s use of the Vehicle. The Company make no warranties, express, implied or apparent, regarding the Vehicle, no warranty of merchantability and no warranty that the Vehicle is fit for a particular purpose.


The Renter must return the Vehicle to Company’s rental office or other location the Company identify, on the date and time specified in this Agreement, and in the same condition that the renter received it. If the Vehicle is returned to any other office or location or left somewhere other than the office or location identified by the Company, the Renter remains responsible for the safety of and any damage to the Vehicle until the Company inspect it. In addition, the Renter authorizes the Company to charge his/her credit or debit card a one-­way charge or service fee plus any additional costs incurred by the Company in the return of the Vehicle. If the Vehicle is returned after closing hours, the Renter remains responsible for the safety of and any damage to the Vehicle until the Company inspects it upon its next opening for business. Service to the Vehicle or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental must have our prior approval. The Renter must check and maintain all fluid levels, check that the Vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, lock the Vehicle at all times when the Renter are not operating the Vehicle, and return the Vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel as when rented.


The rental payment has to be paid by the Renter in advance for the whole rental period. The Company shall prepare invoices for traffic violations and the amounts to be borne for accidents or any other charges or fines and shall be enclosed to the necessary documents, and then the Renter shall pay the value of such invoices immediately from the date of receipt them.

The Renter shall also bear all the prescribed fees for using the credit card, SALIK and all the traffic violations and fines that arise during the period of using the Vehicle.


A credit card is requested at the time of booking to guarantee the reservation however please note, no pre-­authorization will be made at the point of booking. On commencement of rental, a pre-­authorization will be processed in the amount of the deposit set herein at time of rental pick-­up. The credit card and driving license must be in the name of the Renter. The Renter’s signature on pre-­authorization Credit Card Agreement authorizes the Company to process his/her credit card information and to deduct for all charges caused during rental period, including the full cost of any vehicle that is not returned to the Company. All charges pertaining to the rental will be charged to the credit card including rental or additional day charges, optional insurance coverage’s (such as collision damage waiver and personal accident insurance), any traffic, driving or parking fines or violation, SALIK, insurance excess, damage or repair costs, petrol, baby-­seats, delivery and collection charges, one-­way rates, airport parking or other charges including 10% service fee posted at any later time pertaining to the Agreement. These will be automatically charged to the credit card of the Renter.

The Renter irrevocably accepts to pay and settle all charges pertaining to the Vehicle rent to the Company on or before return of the Vehicle. In the event of open ended monthly agreement from month to month, the Renter agrees to settle the monthly charge at the expiry of every 30 days from the commencement date stipulated on the Agreement, failing which the Renter authorizes the Company to debit the monthly charge on the credit card mentioned on the Agreement including all charges for any extension beyond the Agreement due date, set out in the schedule of charges or till the time the Vehicle is actually returned, whichever is later.


The Renter requires depositing an amount of AED 2000 for economic vehicles, AED 3000 for medium vehicles, AED 5000 for luxury vehicles, AED 10000 for high luxury and sport vehicles, in advance as retention in a special account with the Company as guarantee for payment of any unpaid amounts or cancelling of the Agreement in future which will be reimbursed at the end of the Agreement. The Company will retain above mentioned deposit amount for a period of 30 days after the expiry of the Agreement, for settling any violations or liabilities on the Renter that may appear after the rent expiry.


The Renter should have a valid original driving license in their own name from resident country for a minimum of period of 1 year. Passport holders from UK, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Canada, Poland, Finland, Republic of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, are allowed to rent a vehicle in UAE while on visit/transit/or tourist visa, based on their original driving licenses issued from the above countries. Visitors from Republic of Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are required to get an English translation of their driving license from their Embassy/or Consulate in UAE prior to renting a vehicle. For Passport holders of all other countries it is mandatory that they must produce a valid International Driving License or a temporary driving permit from the nearest Traffic Department in UAE prior to renting a vehicle. GCC nationals will be required to hold a valid GCC driving license. For those who have a Resident Visa in UAE is required to hold UAE driving license. All license requirements are as per UAE Laws in force and are subject to change.


The Company undertakes:

  • To register the Vehicle and maintain a comprehensive insurance (driver and passengers);
  • to provide the Vehicle by SALIK card to enable the driver to use the Vehicle without any obstacles or hindrances;
  • to handover the Vehicle clean, and a full fuel tank at the agreed with Renter location.
  • to make the periodical and emergency maintenance, repair defaults, change tires upon recommendation of the manufacturing company;
  • to provide an alternative vehicle in case of all types of maintenance, in such a way that does not contradict with the terms of this Agreement.

The Renter undertakes:

  • Consistently to make sure of the Vehicle condition by periodical checking of the oil, water, and tires and inform the Company of any mechanical or electrical problems immediately. The Renter has to report the Company immediately on any signal that appears on the Vehicle screen for warning on the need of the Vehicle for any type of maintenance such as lack of oil and others. The Renter will refund any damages resulting from not reporting any of the above cases or attempt to make any maintenance to the Vehicle or changing of the oil without knowledge of the Company or outside the agency, in addition to loosing the right for an alternative vehicle on occurrence of any damage resulting from violating this terms.
  • To fill the fuel tank by the appropriate type of fuel.
  • To return the Vehicle in the same condition and with full tank to the Company at location on or before due back date and time indicated in this Agreement, with all documents and property. There will be additional fees if the Vehicle is not returned as specified above. The shortage in fuel should be adjusted on replacement of the Vehicle or at the expiry of the Agreement on the Renter account.
  • In all cases of an accident, to provide a police report either the Renter was the cause or affected or against unknown or absence of a second party involved in the accident. In all cases the Renter shall bear in addition to rental charges the obligatory charges, which are: AED 2,000 for the economic vehicles, AED 4,000 for the medium vehicles, AED 5,000 for the luxury vehicles, 10% of claims amount (not less than AED 10,000) for high luxury and sport vehicles, unless the Renter was affected as per the police report. If the Renter’s fault, he/she will be responsible for the rental charges till the Vehicle is repaired. In case of not providing the police report, the Renter has to bear the full civil and penal responsibility including the full repair of the Vehicle, and loosing his/her right in getting an alternative vehicle during the repair period. The Renter is hereby responsible for all collision damage to the Vehicle regardless if the third party is at fault. The Renter is fully responsible for the cost of any repair up to the cost of the Vehicle. Not to make any adjustments relating to accidents or agrees for any compensations by receiving or paying them. Not to exceed the agreed mileage which not more than 5000 km per month for economic vehicles, 4000 km per month for medium and luxury vehicles, 3000 km per month for high luxury and sport vehicles, and in case the Renter exceeds agreed mileage he/she will bear financial responsibility in accordance with the Company rates.
  • Not to allow driving of the Vehicle unless for purposes agreed to, and shall bear all the civil and penal responsibility in case of using the Vehicle in any of the banned usages (even if the Vehicle was driven by the third party) such as:
    • Driving the Vehicle by an unlicensed person, or aged less than 25 years or a driving license less than one year.
    • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any illegal practice.
    • Driving away from the paved roads.
    • Driving in a method violating the accredited traffic rules in the state such as carelessness and impetuousness.
    • Driving in races or involve the Vehicle in any tests.
    • Transfer forbidden or banned materials or explosives or inflammable materials or hire to passengers.
    • Tow or push any other vehicle.
    • All violations of the prevailing laws in the country and conditions of insurance policy.
    • Leaving and crossing the state borders without written permission of the Company.
    • Not to sub rent the Vehicle without obtaining prior written consent of the Company.
    • Not to fix any additions to the Vehicle (such as blinds or any other stickers) and not to dismantle parts of the Vehicle unless by prior written consent of the Company.
    • Not to tamper with the Vehicles electrical, ECU, and kilometers.

The Renter shall be responsible for:

  • All violations and fines resulting during the rental period.
  • For the cost of repairing any damages resulting from misusing the Vehicle, such as but not limited to unnatural consumption of tires, balance, mechanic or electricity as well as all damages resulting from painting the Vehicle body or accessories. The Renter has to bear the cost value of loosing or spoiling the vehicle key.
  • If the Vehicle was impounded by police for traffic violations, the Renter is obliged to pay rental amount for the whole period of impound.


The Company or the Renter is entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time for any of the following:

  • The Company is entitled to terminate this Agreement, without notice or warning, and is entitled to receive the Vehicle in the way that it consider suitable, along with non-­entitlement of the Renter to claim for any defect, or damage or losses, or to claim any financial liabilities and others. The Company shall be entitled to preserve all its rights on violation of the Renter to any of the terms or annexes of this Agreement.
  • The Renter is entitled to terminate this Agreement, along with bearing to the price differences in accordance with the appropriate rates (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) set by the Company at the moment of termination.


All terms and conditions stated in this Agreement and its annexes, regarding the Vehicle usage and obligations of the Company and the Renter, shall apply on the alternative vehicle/vehicles same as on the rented vehicle/vehicles. This Agreement was read by the representative of the Company and by the Renter, and after acknowledgement of understanding all the contents of the Agreement and its annexes, in such a way that deny any allegation of ignorance or non-­understanding, consequently agreement was concluded to all its items and affixed their signatures on the documents declaring the acceptance and understanding of all conditions.

This Agreement was made in duplicate and each Party received one copy to work accordingly. In case of any conflict on applying the terms of this Agreement, and not obtaining a satisfactory solution for both Parties, then Dubai Courts, of all types and grades shall be the competent to settle such dispute.